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So many times I see project vehicles rusting away in a yard or buried under debris in a garage. Here is your chance to finish that dream project and turn it into a reality! Deluxe focuses on working within a budget, because I know that not everybody has unlimited resources. Many people will get easily discouraged after disassembling their vehicle and realizing the true extent of decay. Anything can be resurrected and I can make it happen!

Whether your new ride has a door ding or requires major auto repair, Deluxe Autoworks can and will work with you and your insurance company to make your car look like it's never been damaged. Deluxe is an Edmonton Auto Body Shop who is certified by Alberta Motor Vehicle Insurance Council (AMVIC). I also meet and exceed environmental requirements by using a water borne paint system, recycling any waste products, and using high efficiency equipment.

Come on down and meet Mark from Deluxe. I guarantee to meet and exceed your expectations!

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